Clubs and Extra-curricular opportunities

The Primary Phase runs a wide range of clubs throughout the year and provides extra-curricular opportunities to both support the personal and academic development of children and also give them the opportunity to try new things and develop wider interests. Some of the sessions run before school in the morning as Breakfast Clubs, whilst others take place after school lesson time. Some activities are aimed at specific groups of children and parents are informed separately of these whilst the sessions that are open to everyone are updated every term and can be viewed below.

This term we are pleased to announce a number of new additions to the schedule:

  • Recorder Club – will introduce basic musical notation as well as teaching the children how to play some simple tunes
  • Gaelic Games Club – based on Gaelic Football, this club aims to teach the skills required to play, but also develops team building and collaboration Board Games – designed to promote sharing, taking turns, winning (and losing) with good grace PALs – ‘Playing and Learning through Socialising’ develops the children’s social and emotional skills through use of puppets and plays
  • Film Club – aimed at the older children, looks at how directors use the magic of film to portray their ideas and vision 

Places are offered on a first come, first served basis, so do remind your child to sign up soon.

Art Club

This term, Year 1 Art Club have looked at some new artists,including sculptor, photographer and environmentalist, Andy Goldsworthy. Goldsworthy creates art using organic objects such as leaves, stones, soil and ice, and he watches how they change when they are exposed to the elements in a natural environment. Pupils from the Year 1 Art Club created some autumnal pictures of hedgehogs going into hibernation, inspired by some of Goldsworthy’s work, as pictured below.


Paper Sculpture

Year 3 have been learning the techniques of paper sculpture: CUT, FOLD, CURL and SCORE. After practising the techniques, they are now busy making exotic fish, complete with fantastic fins and tantalising tails. Look out for them on display in the primary building!

Paper Sculpture

ICT Club

This year, ICT Club has been packed full of skill enhancing games and excellent opportunities to be creative, with a competition every term. There are many fantastic and fun activities planned for the children such as creating a topic inspired wordsearch, creating their own comic, designing and brining to life their own Mii character and using sketching/painting tools.

Children are also given a chance to research topics they may be learning in class or other topics that spark their curiosity. In addition to this, children will be constantly practising their touch typing skills in order to enhance their speed and accuracy. This term’s ICT Club competition was for children to design a mouse mat. The winner received a certificate and a personalised mouse mat with their winning design printed on it. The winner from the Autumn ter was Leah (pictured below) - Well done Leah!


Football Club

Mr Carpenter (Year 1 Teacher) and Shezan (Year 2 Class Worker) run the weekly Football Club in Year 1. Each week the children enjoy themselves whilst working on basic football skills such as passing, dribbling and shooting. Each session ends with a competitive game that builds on the skills we have taught in the session. The children benefit from interacting with each other in a competitive manner and also as part of a team.


Dance Club

Over the past 3 weeks, 20 year 2 and 3 children have been taking part in a dance club. The club has been run by Paige from Dance 49. They are currently in the process of create a dance routine to a variety of pieces of music with the hope of performing in front of Phase 1 in the coming weeks. So far the children have really enjoyed themselves showing some very good natural ability and rhythm.

Dance   Dance (2)

Drama Club

Drama club runs every Tuesday lunchtime. The purpose of the club is to encourage children to express themselves both verbally and non-verbally, thus building up their confidence in front of their peers. Beginning with displaying the emotions of a character individually, children slowly build up to acting out short scenes in a group using play scripts.


Games Club

Phase 2 children have been having fun during Games Club this term. The club meets on Friday lunchtimes and children have the opportunity to be involved in team games, such as, relay races, cone tag, netball and stuck in the mud. Games Club is an opportunity for the children to be involved in competitive yet fun games, whilst making new friends.


Performing Arts Club

In our Performing Arts club we focus on performing skills such as speaking and listening, singing and dancing.

PerformingArts-Pclub-1   PerformingArts-Pclub-2

Reading Club

The Year 5 Reading for Pleasure Club meets at lunchtime on a Wednesday for half an hour. Club members become absorbed in a range of reading materials including comic strips, short as well as extended stories. We have set ourselves the challenge of reading as many of the Harry Potter series as possible within as short a time as possible. In addition to all of this, our lunchtime club wants to become involved in community initiatives and we started this by reading for the residents at the Grange Care Centre in Southall.


Tag Rugby Club

For the past 10 weeks, 15 year 5 and 6 children have been learning the art and skills of tag rugby. They have been learning how to tag correctly, throwing the perfect pass, using space effectively and how to work as a team under the watchful eye of Reece and Ryan two very successful Rugby League players. The children were lucky enough to take part in a tournament half way through the club and showed great skill and passion, improving with every game.

Tag Rugby