Our aim is to raise the achievement of all pupils and students by seeking to develop their numeracy skills by consistent and accurate application across the curriculum. Numeracy is a key skill in students' learning and all students are entitled to quality experiences in this area. The teaching of numeracy is the responsibility of all staff and the school's approaches should be as consistent as possible across the curriculum.

We need to: 1.

  1. Raise the profile of numeracy within the school- developing creative approaches to numeracy throughout the curriculum.
  2. Raise standards of numeracy- Focus on year 7 and 8 pupils to improve confidence and numeracy skills via various approaches (i.e. Timetable rock-star, Fantasy football challenges.)
  3. Make numeracy teaching an overt part of every curriculum area- pupils are highlighting Shaping Up to Numeracy (SUN) moments in all their lessons. Low numeracy skills prevent learners being confident with the curriculum. There are a number of learners in the Academy with numeracy skills of level 2 or below, these affect their performance in subjects throughout the curriculum. All learners will be challenged on their numeracy in various curriculum areas with a common approach. Specifically, in mathematic lessons, pupils will have a structure to accelerate numeracy competency to the national expectation. 


Teacher Winner: Ms.Dee (History)
Pupil winners: Rehaan, Szymon

Over 400 hundred moments have been logged of pupils highlighting excellent numeracy practice throughout the Academy. Departments Involved include Design Technology, PE, Art, Graphics, English, History, Geography, Science, IT, PSHE, Citizenship. Well done to all for spotting the SUN moments, keep them coming.


  • Display visual information on walls at home e.g. Times table, key words, revision plans.
  • Join your child in their homework on mymaths or mathswatch, there are lessons to help you and your child.
  • A little but often approach to numeracy.
  • Parent and student workshop sessions to build numeracy and financial confidence. 
  • Encourage your child to do the Fantasy football competition, house competition
  • Provide a quiet area at home to focus on numeracy with all the equipment they will need (pencil, pen, ruler, protractor, rubber).
  • Reassurance helps raise self-esteem and confidence.
  • Encourage your child to join our maths first aid clubs, Lunchtimes and after school.

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