E-Safety Information and Advice


Alec Reed Academy supports and promotes the safe use of image 1technology as a means to better student’s well-being and to
enhance their education. With the growing integration of technology in children’s day to day lives however it is important that adults with responsibilities are aware of the dangers children can face online. We at the academy are happy to support and work with parents and carers in this regard. 


If you have any concerns about your child or questions regarding E-Safety please fill in the form below and someone will get back to you very soon with advice on what to do.


E-Safety Form
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image 2If you would like more information, below is a leaflet about supporting young people online provided by “Childnet International”. In this you will find a check list which provides simple steps on how to communicate with your child as well as things you can do together to make students aware of dangers can arise over the internet.

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At the start of each year students are asked to sign a image 3Academy ICT Use Policy which states how a student should use the
technological devices provided by the academy. It also talks about the sanctions which will occur if the policies are not followed. Below is a copy of the policy.

Academy ICT Use Policy