E-Safety Mentors

E-Safety Mentor responsibilities

E-Safety Mentors are the first in line for ensuring the safety of students at Alec Reed Academy. This programme will equip students to be vigilant of any e-safety incidents that might arise and join the preventative strategies already in place that continue to make Alec Reed Academy a safe environment to learn.

Below is the list of responsibilities and duties of an E-Safety Mentor.

· E-Safety Mentors have a responsibility to maintain the school’s reputation and ethos and to defend against those that wish to harm the students at Alec Reed Academy.

· E-Safety Mentors have the responsibility to uphold the UN Convention on the rights of a child to the best of their ability.

· E-Safety Mentors will maintain a quiet presence online. They will give advice when requested by other students on what to do in the event of an incident.

· If they become aware of an incidence they should follow the correct procedure to ensure the safety of the individuals involved.

· E-Safety Mentors are required to attend a meeting once a month to reflect on how the programme is progressing and what changes need to be made.

· E-Safety Mentors are required to attend training that will equip them for the responsibilities that they hold.

· E-Safety Mentors are required to teach what they have learnt about e-safety to parents, teachers and other students at different events. 

e-safety mentors




Hello, my name is Asha; I am a Senior E-safety Mentor at Alec Reed Academy.  My job as an E-safety Mentor is to help students stay safe online by teaching them how to deal with the dangers they face online. Technology brings many benefits to our daily lives but there are some implications involving the use of social media; for example you may not always know who you are talking to, you could face bullies who torment you or you could just simply be addicted to being online which could lead to loneliness and/or lack of face-to-face communication.

The reason why I have chosen to be the Senior E-safety Mentor is so that I can work with students who are looking to get advice and support. Another reason I have chosen to be a Senior E-safety Mentor is because I feel like I have great leadership skills and am trustworthy and reliable.

Finally I would like to share a quote with you that I think about when putting information on the internet. 

The internet is written in pen not pencil, it cannot be erased – Brad Currie




The internet has become a great part of our lives, not only does it house the vast ocean of information which flows through the World Wide Web, but it also harbours our day to day activities such as Socialising, Organising and communicating. This means that we are becoming more and more reliant on the one major system which is the Internet. For this reason we should equip ourselves with the knowledge about the dangers which wait for us when we go online. This is the reason why each and every one of us needs to utilize the Internet securely and furthermore be cautious about what type of content we view or who we converse with. 

I have volunteered to be a Senior E-Safety Mentor at Alec Reed Academy so I have the chance to help my fellow pupils and attempt to furnish them with valuable learning about how to maintain a strategic distance from the dangers which lurk on the internet. I have chosen to volunteer in this field as I have a feeling that I'm accomplishing something valuable for other students in the academy, in light of the fact that huge numbers of them don't know about how important E-Safety is for each and every one of us.