SEND (Access and Inclusion Team)

Children and young people with Additional Needs, including those with EHCP plans and our able gifted or talented children, are able to obtain extra help and guidance with their studies from the Access and Inclusion team. There is an equipped Learning Support suite within the Academy, staffed by a fully qualified SEND teacher and Curriculum & Learning Access Student Support staff (CLASS Workers). To assist them in their work the Academy also has a full time Educational Welfare Officer. The Academy also employs its own Educational Psychologist as a consultant to assist in the process of diagnosis and support for students with additional needs as well as a full time Counsellor.

Learning Support takes the form of supporting individual students within the classroom as well as by withdrawal of small groups or individuals for extra work with basic skills. Wherever possible programmes are arranged to minimise the effect on the main curriculum. The Access and Inclusion team also offers advice and strategies to staff to assist them with their teaching of children within their classes who may require extra help and guidance and an Access and Inclusion Centre exists within the Academy grounds to serve those young people who are at risk of permanent exclusion.