Primary Phase Uniform


Item of uniform


Academy Polo Shirt

Sky Blue with Alec Reed Academy logo

Academy Sweat Shirt

Navy Blue with Alec Reed Academy logo

Academy P.E. T-Shirt

Sky Blue with Alec Reed Academy logo

Shorts for P.E

Navy Blue with Alec Reed Academy logo


Grey (these can be purchased from many different retail outlets)


Plain dark grey school socks (these can be purchased from many different retail outlets)

Low heeled black shoes

Low heeled black leather polishable shoes (school shoes must not be canvas, rubber or suede. Any laces must also be black.) Trainers or boots may not be worn instead of school shoes

Book Bag

Navy Blue with Alec Reed Academy logo

Head Scarves/Turbans/Hats
Any head scarf of turban that is worn for religious /cultural reasons must be plain black, navy or white in colour.
Any hat that is worn for cultural reasons must be plain black.

STANDArds for wearing uniform

The following standards apply when weaing Academy uniform.  

  • Jewellery is not to be worn – apart from flat, plain ear studs (no jewels or gems)  – maximum of one in each ear
  • No make-up or nail varnish should be worn
  • Hair should be of a natural colour and should be cut no shorter than a grade 2 with no patterns cut into the style. All long hair should be tied back during practical lessons
  • Hoodies and caps are not to be worn in or around the Academy
  • Full Academy uniform is to be worn to and from the Academy – including black leather polishable shoes

Cost of uniform

We want to ensure that the cost of uniform does not deter any student from applying to the school, nor leads to them feeling socially excluded or unable to afford other necessities. Parents who are unable to provide their child with the required items of Academy uniform should contact the Phase SaFE Worker. Such approaches will be handled with discretion and sensitivity. The uniform suppliers, costs and quality of the uniform are reviewed annually to ensure that they provide good quality clothing at an affordable price.

Enforcement of the uniform policy

It is the responsibility of parents to ensure that their child comes to ARA in the correct uniform (see the Home School Agreement). Year teams, form tutors and class teachers are responsible for monitoring uniform; all staff have a responsibility for ensuring that students are correctly dressed in class and elsewhere on the Academy site.

A student wearing non-uniform clothing will have parents contacted and if necessary the student will be sent home to correct their uniform. In the case of jewellery and other accessories, the student will be asked to remove the item, which will be confiscated and locked in the Year Base or Primary Phase safe.