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Your information will be used to help solve the problems you have seen or are facing.

Your information is confidential and will be filed for up to 6 months and then destroyed.

If you give your details you are entitled to a copy of your details within the 6 months, please speak to the staff member responsible for your schools system if you require a copy.

If there are any serious offences reported this information may be given to other agencies to assist in helping you with your problem.

By continuing to the form, you are confirming that you accept and agree to the terms. Please do not worry about your spelling.


There will be a delay in dealing with any information submitted out of school hours, during the weekend and during school holidays. If you provide your details, you will receive a reply within 3 days.


You can make a report to us by following the steps and using the confidential reporting form. If you prefer to send an email or if your device cannot use a form please email:

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