Alec Reed Academy pupil has an IQ higher than Albert Einstein and Steven Hawking

Shivam, aged 12, has proven that he has an IQ higher than maths and science geniuses Albert Einstein and Steven Hawking. Shivam’s high IQ of 162 means that he is a qualified member of Mensa, the largest and oldest high IQ society in the world, which only accepts those with IQs in the top 2% of the population.

At 12 years old, this is a huge achievement for Shivam, who has always been intelligent, despite missing out on a lot of time at school due to illness as a young boy. Shivam has survived cancer and illness related to Leukemia. Shivam was ecstatic to hear his IQ results and said “I’m really excited. I went from spending 90% of my time in bed as a young boy to getting brilliant results as school and now a membership with Mensa”.

Shivam, who has been in remission from cancer since 2016, has proven that he is not only smarter than most 12-year-olds but also 99% of the population. His mother was delighted by the news and commented “He took a test in October that showed his IQ is 162, which is higher than Hawking’s and Einstein’s and a great achievement after he lost so much education time due to his illness.”

Shivam hopes to use his high IQ in a career in either Science related subjects including Astrology and Mechanics, Philosophy or Business.

Click here to read more about Shivam's story.

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