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The Army visit Year 9s for challenging STEM sessions

Year 9s explored Maths, Chemistry, Biology and Physics with Army representatives for challenging STEM sessions. Pupils were inspired, motivated and applied their knowledge during the sessions. Have a look at the gallery below!

The first of the four sessions focussed on Maths, where pupils had to calculate angles and produce structures using nuts and bolts. The task simulated real life situations in the Army, where they have to build huts for soldiers.

Year 9s explored Biology in the second STEM session with the Army. Pupils were challenged to design a healthy, energizing, compact snack that can survive in different climates. Pupils showed good judgement in designing their snacks and thought outside the box. The Army showed them the contents of their food boxes in the Biology STEM session. There is a total of 4000 calories in the box which is meant to be consumed in 24 hours. This food box contained breakfast (muesli), lunch (bean and pasta salad) and dinner (spicy vegetable pasta with rice pudding for dessert). It also contained snacks and refreshments. 

For the third session, pupils had to design a lightweight helmet which would protect them from dangerous situations and would be suitable for different climates. The pupils thought about implementing various properties of the helmets including having night vision to enable them to see in the dark. 

The Army rounded off the Year 9 STEM sessions with Physics. Pupils were tasked with designing a vest that would be compact, lightweight, portable and keep soldiers cool. Pupils applied their knowledge of conduction, convection and radiation when designing their vests whilst using their problem solving skills. 

Pupils asked some very good questions to the Army representatives across the four STEM sessions, including: 

  1. Why did you join the Army?
  2. Do you need qualifications to join the Army?
  3. Is it hard to join the Army?
  4. How many countries have you been to?


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