Extreme weather update: School closed Friday 2nd March

As an ‘all-through’ academy we continue to be concerned about the welfare of our pupils across all age ranges.  The extreme weather conditions and specifically the low temperatures, make it difficult to keep the school site clear from hazards and also place the pupils at risk on their journeys to and from school, especially with heavy snow forecast on Friday afternoon.   We also need to be mindful that many of our staff live some distance from the academy and have to make long journeys by car or train, both of which will be subject to delays.  The decision has therefore been made to close the academy on Friday 2nd March.  Pupils should be encouraged to work from home; resources to support this can be accessed at BBC Bitesize and information regarding current schemes of learning can be found in the Subject Booklets on the academy website.   We expect to be open as usual on Monday 5th March.

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