The Bright Ideas Challenge

Pupils from Alec Reed Academy had the opportunity to work with specialists from Teach First and Shell’s communication team taking part in ‘The Bright Ideas Challenge 2019-2020’.

Working in three different teams, they focused on how the world would be different in the next 30 years and how we could contribute to reduce waste, create more energy and make the world a more efficient place for all of us.

Team 1 focused on the idea of reducing pollution in an Asian city by collecting plastic bottles and using these for irrigation and collecting water on vegetable patch allotments designed on roof tops of buildings.

Team 2 focused on the idea of developing solar powered vehicles for travelling in the city.

And finally team 3 explored the concept of using the kinetic energy of people walking on streets to transfer it to a generator of electricity in the city.

Our pupils thoroughly enjoyed this trip and had a lot of fun in developing their own ideas for the challenge.

There were 600 schools who took part, each submitting their proposal; a winner will be announced on the 24th April 2020!

Good luck ARA!

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