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If you're interested in studying at Alec Reed Academy in September 2022, please click on the link Alec Reed Academy (applicaa.com)


Alec Reed Academy is a publicly funded independent school. The Academy has an agreed annual admission number of 90 pupils per year for the Primary School and 180 students for the High School. In Years 12 & 13 there is an admission number of 150 per year. The Academy admits children against the following process and criteria:

Consideration of applications 

The Academy will consider all applications for places. Where numbers do not exceed the admission numbers places will be offered to all those who meet the entry and course requirements.

Applicants must reach the age of 16 during the year 1 September - 31 August inclusive, immediately prior to entry to Post-16 study at the Academy.

Procedures where the Academy is oversubscribed 

In the case of oversubscription to Post-16 the priority for admission will be given in the following order to:

  • looked after or previously looked after children
  • students currently attending the school
  • proximity of student’s home to school, with those living nearer being accorded the higher priority

Course requirements

N.B. The following should be read in conjunction with the Post-16 prospectus published annually by the Academy.

Students must have attained the minimum of 5 9-5 grade qualifications at GCSE or equivalent (e.g. BTEC), with a ‘6’ grade in each subject to be studied at A Level. Students studying A Level subjects must have at least grade 5 in English or Mathematics.

Entry requirements for Level 2 and Level 3 vocational courses such as BTECs are dependent upon the course on offer and previous courses studied by the student which may provide them with a good basis for further study.

Students who have yet to achieve a GCSE (Level 2) equivalent in Mathematics and English at grade 4 will be required to follow a course leading to a level 2 qualification in this area.

Operation of waiting lists 

Where in any year Alec Reed Academy receives more applications for places than there are places available, a waiting list will operate. This will be maintained by the Academy and it will be open to any parent to ask for his or her child’s name to be placed on the waiting list, following an unsuccessful application and, if wanted, an appeal for the school. The child will remain on the waiting list for one term. A prospective student’s position on the waiting list will be determined solely in accordance with the over-subscription criteria set out above.

Arrangements for appeals 

The School Admission Appeals Service provided by Democratic Services, London Borough of Ealing organises appeals for Community Schools, Alec Reed Academy and a number of Foundation and Voluntary Aided schools in the borough. Both parents and the child not of compulsory school age if their application has been refused.  A sixth form appeal can only be submitted once the child has received his or her GCSE results.  Neither the child nor the parent can appeal following the receipt of an initial refusal based on projected results.

Alec Reed Academy is its own Admission Authority and will notify in writing both children and their parents of all decisions made in respect of applications for sixth form education. If admission is refused, the person who applied for the school place (parent or child) will receive the following information in writing from the Academy:

  • Details of why the application was unsuccessful in light of the published admission arrangements;
  • Notification of their right to appeal and how to do so;
  • Their right to attend the appeal hearing;
  • That where separate appeals are lodged by a parent and a child in respect of the same decision, the Academy will ensure the appeals are heard together, and notify the appellants right to both attend the appeal hearing.

A full copy of the School Admission Appeals Code can be downloaded by clicking here.

Attendance Expectations at Post-16

Post 16 students are expected to attend Alec Reed Academy on a full-time basis. In accordance with the ARA Post-16 contract all students must attend:

  •          Post-16 tutor periods
  •          Lessons
  •          Supervised study periods
  •          Mentoring sessions
  •          Assemblies
  •          Work Experience

And at any other times as directed by any staff at the Academy. Should students need to make appointments with a doctor or dentist or to research coursework etc they should do this either after the Academy day or in non-contact time.

Students should not take up part-time employment during Academy hours.

Students who need to leave the Academy in the day during curriculum time or study periods should seek authorisation from the Assistant Principal – KS5.

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