Welcome to the Primary Phase

Welcome to Primary

Alec Reed Academy Primary Phase provides a safe and secure environment that stimulates, motivates and encourages all children to develop a life long love of learning. The ethos of the Academy promotes self-discipline and a positive self image whilst encouraging respect for all other members of the Academy community.

We expect everyone in the Primary community to:

  • Show good manners at all times
  • Look after everyone and everything
  • Follow instructions straight away

We believe that children learn best when actively engaged as partners in the learning process so developing thinking skills, independence and problem solving strategies. Therefore, we encourage children to work collaboratively with their teachers, CLASS Workers, parents and their peers as active participants in a continuous learning process.

At ARA Primary every child matters. All staff continually seek creative ways to bring the broad and balanced curriculum alive for  children and provide them with opportunities to keep healthy, stay safe, enjoy and achieve, make a positive contribution and achieve economic well being. These five outcomes are long term life skills which are vital if children are to make the most of their future opportunities in an ever changing world.ildren have many opportunities to develop good social skills in a welcoming and safe environment.

Opening and Closing Times for the Primary Phase
8.15 – 8.30am Soft Start in classrooms
8.25 - 8.30am Registration
8.30am Start of the School Day
11.45 – 12.45pm Lunchtime
3.00pm End of the School Day
3.00pm onwards Optional after school clubs/activities

Total time per week of the compulsory school day = 32.5 hours

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020 8841 4511

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