Live-Streamed Lessons

Well done to everyone for making it to the end of another week of online learning!  

This week, we completed our roll-out of live-streamed lessons to all year groups, meaning that all of our students are now receiving live-streamed lessons.  However, remember that not all of our lessons are live-streamed - some are activity-based.  The Online Variety Schedule for each year group can be found on our Blended Learning page by clicking here (scroll to the bottom).  There is also a parent leaflet explaining how to read the Online Variety Schedule.  

It's worth remembering that there are many very short, useful videos on our Blended Learning page that will remind students how to hand in work, join a lesson, read teacher feedback, etc.  This may be particularly useful to our Year 7-9 students, who are perhaps less experienced in using Teams than our older students.

Finally, please remember that student attendance to lessons is still tracked.  Students should 'attend' their live-streamed or activity-based lessons at the time they are usually timetabled to study each subject.  Lesson times are noted on the Online Variety Schedule.  Teachers are monitoring student activity within each timetabled hour and using that to mark attendance.

As always, we're here to help.  If you have any questions or need support, please contact your child's SaFE worker or email us at  

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