Alec Reed Academy awarded 'Champion School' status by Renaissance Learning

Alec Reed Academy has been identified as a dynamic user of the Accelerated Reader programme by Renaissance Learning. We are also one of Renaissance Learning’s top rated schools and have been awarded the title of a ‘Champion School’, which means we’re the beacon school within our borough.

The Accelerated Reader programme plays a vital role within pupils’ progression in literacy at Alec Reed Academy. After several successful years of using the programme, it is now fully embedded into our Key Stage 3 literacy curriculum, as well as embedded into our pastoral provision. We run specific lessons devoted to the progression of our pupils’ literacy which in turn has benefited our pupils greatly.

At Alec Reed Academy, we have a unified approach in identifying the Accelerated Programme as a chance to progress pupils’ reading, as well as sculpting a passion and appreciation for reading recreationally. In order to achieve this, we have incentivised programmes such as reward trips and an exclusive Millionaire’s Club for those pupils who reach a 1 million word count.

In the 2017-18 academic year, we found that 91% of our pupils made either the expected or above-expected progress in literacy due to our integrated use of the Accelerated Reader programme. The programme continues to reap fantastic results across our school and it is certainly an initiative that we value greatly.

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