AleC Reed Academy STUDENTS have won a Crest Silver Award

Two year 10 students from Alec Reed Academy have each earned a Crest Silver Award for their outstanding contribution by solving a real-world STEM problem.

Hania and Sahiba worked out in a research project monitoring speed of motion of Petermann and Pine Island glaciers from the north and south polar regions between 2015 and April 2020. The speed is determined by tracing the advance of the calving front of glaciers in radar images produced at different times by ESA satellite Sentinel 1. The project was done in April and May, as part of an ongoing project led by the University of Leeds and Centre of Polar Observation and Modelling (CPOM).

Icebergs floating in the sea are a threat to ships that sail in the polar regions. They are also a habitat for seals, penguins, and many other living species. Their increasingly frequent formation due to global warming is a concern for environmental scientists. The CREST award scheme is awarded by the British Science Association. It is shown that it helps improve GCSE grades, promote continued interest in STEM subjects, and it can be used to enhance students’ UCAS personal statements.

Alec Reed Academy’s science department has joined with the Institute of Research in Schools (IRIS) to work together bringing in actual research projects guided by leading scientific institutions. We are looking for enthusiastic and committed students to bring in their enthusiasm and ideas by doing more research projects in school!

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