Personal Safety

The Facts

It's always better to be safe rather than sorry - here are some simple changes you can make to decrease your chances of becoming a victim of crime:

  • Where possible, don’t walk around at night on your own. If you have to, walk with purpose and direction, try to stay in well-lit, crowded areas, and try not to get your phone out as it makes you, and your phone, an easy target for thieves. 
  • Do not be over-protective over your belongings; you can get a new phone and you can order new bank cards. Your priority is to think about getting yourself away from a potentially dangerous situation.
  • Spread your personal belongings - try not to keep all your valuables in your bag or in one place so that should the worst happen, you don’t have to give up everything.
  • If getting a taxi, use a valid taxi service or online cab checker to confirm it is licensed or send the registration number to a friend.


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Things to Remember when Travelling by Foot

  • Don’t walk and talk/text on your phone – this makes you vulnerable to people around you as your senses are not alert – especially if you are crossing the road; you are at risk of not seeing danger
  • You should cross the road at the designated crossing; this ensures you do not miss a hidden side road from which a vehicle could swing out
  • Wait for the green man; don’t dart out or run – you are at risk of falling or being caught off guard
  • Don’t listen to loud music when walking/crossing the road – you are at risk of missing an important warning sign

Things to Remember when Travelling by Bus/Train

  • Don’t stand too close to the edge of the pavement
  • Take your time – don’t run to catch public transport; there will always be another bus or train! You are at risk of getting harm running towards a departing bus or train
  • Be polite – say hello and thank you to your driver; they have a tough job
  • Don’t play loud music/videos on your phone – people are entitled to a peaceful journey
  • Remember that everything you do or say gives an impression of you – think about the language you are using
  • Plan your journey in advance as much as possible and make sure you know your route and stop
  • Check the times of the last buses, Tubes and trains
  • Have your ticket, pass or change ready so your purse or wallet is out of sight and keep bags zipped and valuables secure
  • Look out for Help Points and passenger alarms - use them if you feel threatened. These will connect you to a member of staff 

Things to remember when cycling

  • Wear bright colours or reflective strips so that all cars can see you
  • Do not listen to headphones as you may miss a warning sign from another vehicle
  • Do not overtake large vehicles (buses; vans) from the inside (along the curbside) as they have blind spots and may not see you!!
  • You should always wear a helmet when cycling to protect yourself in an accident
  • You should have lights on your bike when cycling in the evening
  • Have your bike serviced once a year to ensure it is working at its safest level
  • Try to lock your bike in a designated parking facility
  • Don't leave your bike in the same place every day
  • Secure your bike safely by locking both wheels and the frame to the cycle stand or another immovable object
  • Take removable items, like lights and pump, with you
  • Register your cycle

Things to remember when travelling by taxis/mini cabs

  • Always use a licensed taxi (black cab) or licensed, booked minicab. You can use our licence checker to check validity
  • Book your minicab by phone, email or in a minicab office. Never approach or accept a journey from a minicab driver off the street. Only taxis (black cabs) can be stopped by customers and can pick up off the street 
  • When your booked minicab arrives, make sure the minicab driver can confirm your name and destination. Check this before you get in the vehicle 
  • Check the minicab driver's photo ID
  • Never risk taking an unbooked minicab. You can also use Cabwise to have your two nearest minicab numbers and one taxi (black cab) number texted to your phone 

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