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Dress Code

We expect you to act as role models throughout the Academy, this is especially true in relation to the way that you dress.

The reasons that we have a dress code are as follows:

  • The Academy is a professional environment and as such we expect you to dress in a professional manner.
  • We are preparing you for the world of work where it is likely that many of you will have to adopt professional/business dress.
  • We want you to take pride in how you look. First impressions do count.
Male Students Female Students
Shirt & Tie Formal Skirt & Trousers (Skirts to be a minimum of knee length. Leggings & dresses are not allowed)
Smart Trousers (No Demin, Jeans or Shorts) Blouse or Professional Smart Top (All tops must cover shoulders - strappy tops or tops with cut away shoulders are NOT acceptable)
Black Shoes (Trainers, Canvas Pumps or Boots are NOT acceptable) Black Shoes (Trainers, Sandals or Flip Flops are NOT acceptable)
School Lanyard & ID badges are to be worn at ALL times School Lanyard & ID badges are to be worn at ALL times
  • Jewellery - Students are to ensure that jewellery is kept to a minimum. Students will be requested to remove any items of jewellery deemed inappropriate.
  • Denim, hoodies and sports-wear are not allowed to be worn in school. Coats and hoodies should be removed when entering the building, as well as headphones.
  • Staff will confiscate any hoodies, coats and headphones on view.
  • Students who are not wearing suitable clothing or not dressed in a professional manner will be required to return home to change and parents will be informed.

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