Pupils celebrate the best ever GCSE results at Alec Reed Academy

Over 20% of pupils achieved the new A**/A equivalent grades by gaining Grade 9-7 in their examinations. 65% of pupils achieved Grades 9-5 in the core subjects of English and Maths and 28% of all pupils also gained the new English Baccalaureate Certificate by achieving A*-C grades or equivalent in English, Mathematics, Science, Foreign Languages and Humanities. 

Congratulations to all pupils who studied for the additional Further Mathematics GCSE in which 70% of pupils achieved Grades 9-6 (A*B). All pupils studied GCSE in Religious Education, 10% gained the new Grade 9 and 60% gained Grades equivalent to A*-C. In Art, Music, Drama, Design Technology, Health and Social Care and Sport GCSEs over 80% of pupils gained Grades 9-4 (A*C). These excellent results are confirmed by a highly positive outcome for the Academy in the new Progress 8 school performance measure.

Gary Lobbett, Chief Executive of the Academy commented, ‘These results in the reformed and tougher GCSEs are even stronger than last year. Our pupils took the full range of qualifications including the arts, humanities and foreign languages. There are many individual success stories to celebrate, reflecting two or more years of hard work and determination. Alec Reed students can now move onto the next stage of their education with confidence. My thanks to all members of staff at the Academy whose dedication has been rewarded today, including those in Alec Reed primary school who lay the foundations that we build upon each year. Congratulations to everyone involved’.

Many pupils gained 10 or more A**-A grades in their GCSE examinations. We would particularly like to congratulate and recognise the achievements of Mathusan Jeyakumar who achieved seven Grade 9, two Grade 8, A* Distinction and A grade, Rehaan Raja who gained five Grade 9, four Grade 8, A* Distinction and A* grade, Stefan Radojcic who gained five Grade 9, one Grade 8, A*, A and three Grade 7 and Rebecca Criste who achieved two Grade 9, six Grade 8, A*, A and one Grade 7. 

Zara Malik gained three Grade 9, three Grade 8, A, two Grade 7 and Distinction*,  Hamsa Maxamed achieved two Grade 9, three Grade 8 and four Grade 7 and Zainab Alshaber achieved one Grade 9, six Grade 8, A* and two A Grades.

Our congratulations also go to Sharanya Sivarajah who gained seven Grade 8, two A* and two Grade 7, Lida Hamidi who gained one Grade 9, five Grade 8, two A and one Grade 7, Stefan Milinkovic who achieved one Grade 9, three Grade 8, A*, A and three Grade 7, Abdulrahman Aqtash who gained one Grade 9, four Grade 8, A*, A and three Grade 7, Diksha Dutt who gained two Grade 9, two Grade 8 and five Grade 7, Heena Carahaa who gained two Grade 9, four Grade 8 and one Grade 7 and Henry James who achieved four Grade 8, A Grade and three Grade 7.

Kirsty Powell achieved three Grade 8, three Grade 7 and A Grade, Jakub Czerwik gained three Grade 8, A* and three Grade 7, Abbas Jleha gained three Grade 8, A* and one A grade, Regina Moreira achieved two Grade 8, Grade 7, A Grade and four Grade 6 whilst Hodan Aideed, Manveen Chopra and Eeshan Khanna all gained the equivalent of five or more A*-A grades.

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