Alec Reed Academy pupils develop enterprise skills in Coding Challenge

Year 8 pupils demonstrated their team working and problem solving skills whilst participating in the Heathrow Coding Challenge. 

Heathrow is pioneering with the local schools and is committed to raising the aspiration and academic achievement of young people. The coding challenge is structured around pupils being placed into groups of boys and girls to allow for teamwork with an aim to reach an end goal.

Rigorous testing of their robots showcased their resilience and emerging knowledge of basic programming skills. They experimented with Lego bricks to utilise their engineering abilities and coding skills before commencing the much anticipated robot race. The race was immensely successful as all participants were passionate and eager for the final outcome. 

Key Skills Developed 

  • Problem Solving
  • Perseverance
  • Communication skills
  • Teamwork

Curriculum Links

  • ICT – Programming
  • Technology – robotics, control technology
  • Maths – trial and error, estimation

Pupil feedback

"All in all, the day had a major impact of my understanding of coding and the session was very enjoyable throughout."

"Overall, I think that the challenge was good and it intrigued my interest in coding now more than ever. I’m sure I will do something related to coding in the future."

"I felt empowered and passionate about the challenge. Although my team didn’t win, we were proud of our teamwork and I knew this was something I want to continue with. It built my knowledge and also we learnt to work as a team and be very patient. We also learnt to be very resilient."

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