The Students

The Academy priority is to provide for all its young people a stimulating, technology-rich education in a spirit of enterprise where they can develop the skills to be self-confident problem-solvers and excellent communicators, equipped to succeed in the dynamic workforce of the future.

Alec Reed Academy has a local catchment area and the student population comes from many ethnic backgrounds with a considerable proportion where English is not their first language. The Academy is non selective and seeks to include students from across the full ability range who would benefit from the distinctive style of education provided at all Key Stages. It is this truly multi-cultural and inclusive educational environment which the Academy prides itself on and from which both students and staff benefit.

The balance of academic and vocational curriculum provision further enhances the Academy’s mission and this is enhanced with a range of enrichment opportunities for students in all key stages such as breakfast and after school clubs.  Each year group is housed in a ‘Pod’ area which forms their base for the start of the day, Form Time, morning break and lunchtime activities, creating a sense of peer and social identity outside lesson times.

All students are both aware of and familiar with the Academy Code of Conduct which forms the core of personal behaviour for everyone at the Academy. Membership of one of three ‘Houses’ enables secondary phase students to participate in a range of activities both with their peers and other year groups to develop a sense of team spirit, mutual support and collegial responsibility. Primary pupils play an active role in a system of rewards and sanctions. Students learn in an environment in which they are encouraged to respect one another’s differences, develop a sense of self-confidence and reflect upon what they do and its impact on others. The election of Form, Year and Council Reps underpins the mechanisms by which student views and ideas are heard and action taken.

The Academy places a strong emphasis on developing Academy culture and values based on the conviction that is the values and attitudes are constructive, the positive learning and teaching will have effective outcomes. The Pastoral Support System with Student and Family Education (SaFE) Workers, Educational and Medical Welfare Officers, an Educational Psychologist and full time Counsellor, together with outstanding Access and Inclusion (Special Educational Needs) support and provision, underpins the Academy’s commitment  to the care and support of our students.

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