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All staff appointed to the Academy receive a thorough induction into their new post, training for their role and professional development aimed at enabling career progression. As an Investor in People, the Academy is committed to high quality continued professional development of all its staff.

Through a range of developmental strategies including Appraisal and Improvement Planning all members of Academy staff are able to identify their training needs and include them in the annual Professional Development Programme. The Academy also provides bursary support for staff who may wish to study for Masters degrees and other higher qualifications as well as subject specific short courses.

Through 6 Professional Development Days per academic year, priorities are addressed in lively programmes aimed at developing a high level of understanding and expertise in all Academy staff. These are further enhanced by a programme of calendared twilight sessions which run throughout the academic year. Each also provides the opportunity for specific teams of staff to work together on areas of development that are specific to the needs of them and the Academy.

The Academy runs a first class Early Careers Teaching (ECT) programme. New teachers have weekly training sessions enabling them to get together with experienced members of staff to discuss their experience and receive training from specialists across the Academy.

The most effective professional development takes place on a daily basis through the high level of support staff receive from their line managers and other Academy staff. Each subject area and Phase is led by a Curriculum or Subject Leader who reports directly to a member of the Academy Leadership Team. In this way, new staff are able to work with members of management at all levels through lesson observations, subject teams and Year Team meetings.

ICT is an essential tool of the Academy from electronic registration, the Improvement Planning cycle, the VLE and Online Reporting, assessment, recording and reporting to innovative and exciting lesson delivery and resourcing to enhance the learning experiences of students and ensure administrative efficiency. ICT underpins the organisation of the Academy and the Academy runs its own training for staff and ongoing support programmes to ensure that all staff have the ICT skills that are required within their job.

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