Times of the Day

Nursery – Year 6

New daily times to support our school in being safe during Covid-19.

To reduce the cross contamination and contact of different year groups, the start, break and lunchtimes have been staggered.

No learning time has been lost due to the reduced lunch and playtimes.

  Arrival Dismissal
Nursery AM 8:45am 11:45am
Nursery PM 12:30pm 3.30pm
Reception 8:30am 2:45pm
Year 1 8:40 - 8.55am 2.30pm
Year 2 8:25 - 8.40am 2.30pm
Year 3 8:40 - 8:55am 2.30pm
Year 4 8:50 - 9:05am 2.45pm
Year 5 8:30 - 8:45am 2:30pm
Year 6 8:25 - 8.40am 2.45pm

The nursery offers flexible hours from 7.45am – 6.00pm and we are able to offer an extended care service to support you and your busy family.

Morning sessions

8.45 am – 11.45 am

Afternoon sessions

12.30 pm – 3.30 pm

Early year’s education is extremely important, especially at the beginning of the day. Children find it difficult and unnerving if they arrive late. To ensure your child settles in well and feels confident about the expectations of the day ahead they must be punctual. 

If you will be unavoidably late picking up your child – please telephone so that we can explain this to and help your child feel at ease.

If someone other than yourself or a regular person that we have met before is picking up your child, then you must ensure that you call the school office so they can inform the class teacher, or your child won’t be released. If we are in any doubt, we will not send the child home until we have phoned you or your emergency contact.

It is also very important that children are not collected before the end of their session as this is disruptive for the other children. If your child has a medical appointment please inform the office in advance  and when you arrive to collect your child an office staff member will ring the Nursery to let them know you are ready to collect. 

Our care extends outside of these hours offering a seamless service in a familiar environment.


We offer a breakfast club which starts at 7.45am. Staff will then escort your child to the Nursery classroom for the start of the day. 


After nursery (from 3.30pm), boys and girls enjoy a quick snack before embarking on supervised and structured play activities both inside and outside, giving them a chance to meet up with their siblings and interact with older children.

To better meet the needs of local families we also provide 30 hours free child care for children aged three and four years old (subject to eligibility) .

Please register your interest for starting Nursery with our admission officer at Alec Reed Academy 020 8841 4511 or alternatively pick up an admission form from our Primary Phase Reception. 

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