Staff List

primary phase leadership team 
Name Role
Mr P Cosby Acting Principal & CEO
Ms A Franklin Associate Principal – Head of Primary Phase and Cross Phase Links (and Designated Safeguarding Lead for the Academy)
Ms A Wingfield Assistant Head of Primary Phase (SEN & Inclusion) (Year 1)
Mrs S Rafe Assistant Head of Primary Phase (Teaching & Learning) (Year 5 - Eagle)
Miss N Dosanjh Assistant Head of Primary Phase (EYFS/KS1) (Reception - Kingfisher)
Miss K Smith Primary Pupil Progress Leader (EYFS) and Primary Teacher (Reception - Dormouse)
Miss S Bagga Primary Pupil Progress Leader (Science Lead & Years 1-2) (Year 2 - Lobster)
Mrs S Bhatti Primary Pupil Progress Leader (Maths Lead & Years 3-4) and Primary Teacher (Year 4 - Lynx)
Miss A Bucarelli

Primary Pupil Progress Leader (Music Lead & Years 5-6) (Year 6 - Elephant)


secondary phase leadership Team 
Name Role
Mr P Cosby Acting Principal & CEO
Ms A Franklin Associate Principal – Head of Primary Phase and Cross Phase Links (and Designated Safeguarding Lead for the Academy)
Mrs A Colgan Vice Principal - Inclusion & Standards
Mrs H Tinsley Assistant Principal - Head of KS3
Mrs E Theron Assistant Principal - Teaching & Learning
Miss D Browne  Assistant Principal - Head of KS4
Mr J Souch Assistant Principal - Head of KS5
Mr R Collins

Assistant Principal - Curriculum

Ms C Lashmore-Bennett Assistant Principal - Enrichment & the Wider Curriculum
primary phase Teachers 
Year Name
Nursery Ms N Coupland
Reception Ms P Young
Reception Miss N Dosanjh
Reception Miss K Smith
Year 1  Ms M Kiani
Year 1  Ms S Bagga
Year 1  Ms G Singham
Year 2 Ms H McNeil 
Year 2 Ms K White
Year 2 Ms A Metcalfe
Year 3 Miss E Doe
Year 3 Ms K Gorya
Year 3  Ms M Peak
Year 4 Miss M Mullings
Year 4 Ms S Bhatti / Ellie
Year 5 Ms N Ahmed
Year 5 Ms S Kelly
Year 5 Mr Andrew Cherry
Year 6 Mr C Kitsiou
Year 6

Ms A Bucarelli

Year 6

Ms J Barr

secondary phase Teachers 
Department Name
Art & Design M Smith - Subject Leader
Art & Design H Taberner - Subject Leader
Business Studies & Economics R Dussard - Subject Leader - Business Studies & Economics; Head of Year 13
Business Studies & Economics B Sheldrake - Business & Economics Teacher
Business Studies & Economics S Robinson-White - Business & Economics Teacher
Computer Science  D Smith - Computer Science Teacher
Design Technology D Flynn - Curriculum Leader - Design, Technology and the Creative Arts
Design Technology J Spiller - Acting Head of Year 8
English F Taylor
English S Kazi - Curriculum Leader - English
English T Lawrence - Head of Year 11
English S Whitaker - Literacy Co-ordinator + Head of Year KS5 English 
English N Smith - English Teacher and Inspire pre-GCSE Co-Ordinator, Head of Year 12
English R Miah - Deputy Curriculum Leader
English S Touhey
English M Mohammed
English K Arhin-Acquaah
Geography S Braban - Subject Leader - Geography
Geography J Reid
Geography R Ahitan
Geography P Whitehouse
Health & Social Care and Travel & Tourism P John-William - Subject Leader - Health & Social Care, Subject Leader - Travel & Tourism
Health & Social Care and Travel & Tourism K Frazer - Health & Social Care and ICT Teacher
History M Dee - Curriculum Leader - Humanities, Subject Leader - History
History M Ansar
History F Odusote
ICT A Anane - Subject Leader ICT (KS3 & Post 16 focus); and BTEC Quality Nominee
ICT L Au - Subject Leader ICT (KS4 & e-safety focus)
Maths D Browne - Assistant Principal - Head of Key Stage 4
Maths C Booth - Curriculum Leader - Maths
Maths S Fonso - Deputy Curriculum Leader - Maths
Maths L Shiran - MABLE KS3, 4 & 5 Co-Ordinator; and Teacher - Mathematics
Maths P Nkolo
Maths B Joshi - Mathematics KS3 Co-Ordinator - Assessment & Pupil Progress 
Maths N Starostina
Maths M Divecha
Maths F Ali
MFL L Maras - Subject Leader MFL
MFL A Henderson - Curriculum Leader MFL
MFL K Roberts - Head of Year 7
Religious Studies F Cleary
Religious Studies E Lipman - Subject Leader
Performing Arts C Lashmore-Bennett - Curriculum Leader
Performing Arts S Adams
Performing Arts I Selby - Performing Arts Teacher & Head of Year 9
Performing Arts P Bai - Acting Subject Leader Music
PE J Gargani
PE S Guiheen - Acting Assistant Principal KS4
PE R Hepburn - Head of year 10
PE Z Marjanov
PE H Tinsley - Assistant Principal - Head of Key Stage 3
Psychology S Hemat
Science M Charles - Curriculum Leader
Science C Thind - Deputy Curriculum Leader - Lead Practitioner Science
Science R Cooper - Subject Leader - Biology
Science N Sharma - Careers Leader
Science S Khan - Acting Subject Leader - Chemistry
Science A Munoz
Science S Zahid - Acting Subject Leader - Physics 
Science P Madani
Science L Belalouache

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