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School Council

We are a committee of ambassadors from across the secondary year groups who have been selected to represent the views of all pupils at the Academy. We represent our academy values and plan to consolidate existing initiatives and execute some positive changes across the school.
All members of the school council went through a rigorous application process, culminating in a final stage interview with the Sixth Form Leadership Team. We have had our first meeting together to discuss short and long term goals and cannot wait to get started. 

The School Council has the potential to have a big impact on life at the Academy and I am eager to see how our ideas come together to make some positive changes over time

Hashim, Year 7

We, the School Council, aim to nurture new ideas that will represent the views of the whole school so as to satisfy the needs of as many students as possible

Akeem, Year 8

This project is a big leap in allowing all members of the school to contribute their unique propositions

Tara, Year 9

Conclusively, you can expect the School Council to outline new agendas in the coming months that will support the school community and enable everyone to voice opinions on all relevant matters.

Rayyan – School Council member and minute taker (Year 8) 

Members of the School Council

Hashim - Year 7 
Karam - Year 7 
Ashika - Year 7
Rayyan - Year 8 
Akeem - Year 8 
Laila - Year 8 
Tara - Year 9
Rashed - Year 9
Katherine - Year 9 
Farwa - Year 10
Julia - Year 10 
Bhavnit - Year 11 
Shervanyah - Year 11

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