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Alec Reed Academy offers parents/carers and staff the ability to use the internet to make payments to the Academy. Since September 2017 we will no longer accept cash payments and ParentPay will be the exclusive method for all payments. Click on the download below to find out more about how we use ParentPay.

Using a highly secure website,, with a unique user ID and password, parents/carers and staff are able to pay for Academy meals (cashless system), uniform, trips, music lessons, revision books, and lots more using your credit and debit cards. This is a free service to parents/carers and staff and there are no additional charges for paying on the internet.

Parents receive a letter containing their user ID and password as soon as a child is fully registered as a pupil or student at the Academy so that they are able to start using ParentPay immediately.

ParentPay benefits our children and the Academy in many ways not least by removing the risks associated with children carrying cash to school and reducing administration which creates more time to devote to educational support and the smooth running of Alec Reed Academy.

Parents/Carers find ParentPay a more secure, convenient and reliable option for both them and their child. Available 24 hours a day 7 days a week, it provides the freedom to make payments whenever and wherever you like. The Academy still accepts payment by cash and cheque but the Academy encourages as many parents as possible to use ParentPay.

Click here to visit the ARA Uniform online ordering site.

For further information about using ParentPay to pay securely online for trips, music lessons, lunches and other activities please contact the Finance team by email or visit the ParentPay FAQ's on the following link:

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